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Men should deviate from the norm and be submissive to women – Bishop Sam Owusu

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Bishop Sam Owusu, the Head Pastor of the Potterville Church International, has stated that the scriptural custom that teaches wives to be submissive to their husbands should have been the contrary.

According to the man of God, husbands should submit to wives instead of the usual practice, in order to foster harmony in marital families.

In an interview with Nana Yaa Konadu on TalkLife TV, Dr. Sam Owusu stated that his willingness to submit to his spouse was a major factor in his motivation and inspiration during his marriage.

He said that, in contrast to women, God had created men to be versatile and to be able to go wherever they pleased. Bishop Sam Owusu observed that women, on the other hand, are bound to their homes, their husbands, and their children.

He asserts that men must exercise self-control and teach their wives and children to be a part of them, rather than constantly expecting submissive behavior from women.

“In the Bible, Paul recommended that wives submit to their husbands, but I think that it should have been the other way round. Men should submit to women instead. If a man is capable of submitting to a woman, there won’t ever be any problems. There have been many misconceptions, therefore I’ve created my own philosophy that has aided me in my marriage,” he stated.

Because men desire to take charge, Bishop Sam Owusu noted that marriages frequently fail. He claimed that because husbands, unlike wives, are not emotionally attached to marriage, wives should be given the opportunity to lead the construction of a marital household.

He urged husbands to cultivate the habit of endurance and rather submit to their spouses in order to maintain a harmonious marital home free of arguments.

He argued, “The issue is that the men don’t want to endure, but if they could, the women would also endure.”

Bishop Sam Owusu was on the show with his spouse, Rev. Joyce Owusu (Lady Joy). The two have been married for 20 years.

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