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Numesua: The village where pupils risk their lives in death-trap classrooms to learn

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Pupils of the Numesua D/A primary school, a village near Tepa of the Ahafo Ano North district of the Ashanti Region risk their lives daily to learn.

The classroom was constructed in a quest to make education accessible to children but the story of the school was different when Silver FM’s AKWADAA NYAME visited the village.

The wooden structure built by the residents has not seen any major renovation and has deteriorated and has now become a death trap.

The poor state of the school building coupled with the tattered roofs force teachers to abruptly end teaching whenever the clouds gather.

The classrooms are terrible for teaching and learning.

Teachers were seen not happy upon the visit.

School children report to school at 10am and 11am because of the distance of some of the villages to school.

Residents said teachers are reluctant to accept posting to the school due to the poor state.

There is a daily scramble over the few desks for the pupils.

Pupils who are unable to make it to school early to reserve a desk for themselves before class sessions either perch their colleagues or embrace the discomfort that comes with sitting on the improvised seat, a pile of wooden boards.

Academic work does not only grind to a halt at the sight of clouds because of the collapsing structure part of which has been ripped off already, but the pupil returns to school to meet drenched desks and an ardours task of draining water from their classroom.

Nana Kwadwo Mogyie, chief of Numesua then appealed to government to help fixed this problem to make education accessible to his people.

Assembly member for Numesua, Hon Micheal Birbia disclosed that beams and rafters with which the structure has been roofed have rotted and are loosely hanging on top of the classrooms.

Because of this, portions of the classrooms have been designated as danger zones where pupils have been barred from sitting as a measure to make room for the fall, he added.

The lack of adequate accommodation for teachers in Numesua has also contributed greatly to frequent absenteeism on the part of teachers who commuted daily to the town from other destinations.

Teachers travel all the way from Tepa which is about 30km to Numesua to teach.

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