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Farmer cries over destruction of cocoa farm by mining company, call on President & others for help

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A farmer who has had his cocoa farm destroyed in the Ahafo region is currently crying for help. According to Mr. Isaac Dokyi who resides at Atta Ne Atta, a suburb of Hwediem in the Ahafo region, a mining company has forcibly destroyed his six(6) acre cocoa farm without his consent.

Revealing the sad side of his ordeal, Mr. Isaac Dokyi, the farmer said, the mining company after destroying his cocoa farm which had been the only source of livelihood for him and his family, has refused to compensate him.

In Ghana, cocoa has been one of the major produce for foreign exchange earnings. It is for this reason, the various heads of states fight hard to ensure its sustainability.

President Akuffo Addo in his efforts to protect our lands, water bodies and the forest, has ensured that illegal mining activities are ceased. But the narration over the past years has been different as we keep witnessing illegal mining popularly known as galamsey’ across the country.

Some farmers within areas such as the Western, Brong Ahafo Regions who have had their cocoa farms destroyed by these miners have been complaining over the advert effects of these destructions.

Mr. Dokyi who has been one of such victims said, the company, Golden Mining Team which is a Chinese company has really caused destruction to his life.

He is therefore pleading with President Akuffo Addo and the Ghana Cocoboard to come to his rescue since all efforts to get the company do the needful has been proven futile.

“All hopes are lost. They’ve virtually prevented me and my family from eating. I didn’t go to school and the only thing I have been depending on is the cocoa farm”.

According to him, the situation which has brought him to zero standard has also caused him a divorce.
“Now my wife has packed away. My children do not respect me anymore”.

He is therefore appealing to the president and all other stakeholders to come to his rescue since the situation was badly affecting him.

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