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Some citizens of the Pru East Constituency have expressed their opposition to the (EC) limited registration exercise

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The residents of Accra Town, Domeabra, Batorkope, Gyatakpo, and other communities along the Volta Lake feel that this registration process would not be advantageous to them and are pleading with the EC to change its mind.

One of the main concerns raised by the citizens is the cost involved in travelling from their villages to the district capital, Yeji. They state that even on market days, the boat fare is approximately ₵50.00, and on ordinary days, it rises to ₵70.00. Considering the costs, it becomes financially burdensome for individuals, especially those without a GH-Card, to travel to the registration centers with their required two guarantors. These expenses affect three people instead of just one.

Another significant concern is the risk associated with travelling on the Volta Lake, which spans about 40 miles. Particularly during the current rainy season, the journey becomes dangerous due to possible boat accidents. The citizens highlighted that this year alone, there have been unfortunate incidents claiming the lives of at least 15 individuals.

Considering these factors, among others, the citizens feel that the conditions surrounding the limited registration exercise are unfavourable and discouraging for their participation. They argue that if the EC does not conduct the exercise at the polling stations as previously done, it would result in the disenfranchisement of many eligible voters.

Consequently, they are urging the Electoral Commission to reconsider its decision and deploy registration officers to their localities, making the process more accessible and convenient for eligible voters.

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