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Woman Found Dead At Galamsey Site

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A young woman has been found dead at a galamsey site at Wasa Gyapa, a town in the Amenfi East municipality in the western region.

Miriam shortened by her neighbors as “Maley” on Sunday, told her husband she was going to work and would return in the evening.

As a loving and caring husband, when he noticed his wife hadn’t come home late in the night he started looking for her from one site to the other.

He went on to do announcements at a town called wasa Domebra which is closer to the site where his wife went to work. A young man whose identity is not known yet took the man to the scene where the incidence happened.

According to him , he said “ this morning we passed by to work and we saw her items beside the pit. One of my workers decided to take them and put at a proper place thinking the owner had forgotten. I told him to stop because if the owner comes and it’s not there she would think it has been stolen.

We closed from work and still came to meet the items here but we still didn’t take it.

At around 10AM this morning, a group of boys who went to the site to work found the body of the woman in a pit where they have been washing themselves after work.

According the guy who found the body, he said” this is where we have been working on our gold and Washing ourselves after work. We didn’t come to work yesterday.

Today when we came I went and fetched water into our machine but didn’t see the body. I went again to fetch more of he water as what I fetched wasn’t enough and that was when I saw the body lying in the river.

The security at the site whose identity is also not know says the woman came to tell him she was going home after she was done with her work around 5:30PM in the evening but can’t tell if she came back to the site.

The Wasa Amenfi East Police are yet to arrive at the seen to pick the body and for investigations.

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