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Man cries for help over destruction of his farm by Chinese galamseyers without compensation

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Ohohuo Kwaku, a farmer at Biemso No 1 in the Ahafo Ano South East District of the Ashanti Region is crying for help.

According to him, his farm, on which he depends to feed his family has been completely destroyed by Chinese galamseyers. He said, the destruction took place without any agreement or compensation.

Ohohuo Kwaku who revealed his relentless effort to pursuing the case for justice, said, despite lodging complaints to chiefs, unit committee members, MP etc., these recalcitrant Chinese are failing to compensate him.
Meanwhile, he said, he had spent huge amount of money on the farm before these heartless Chinese destroyed it without mercy.

“Chinese have destroyed my entire farm land that was prepared for rice production. I have asked them to compensate me but to no avail. I’m therefore pleading with the government and other stakeholders to assist me on this matter since the situation is sending me and my family into disastrous famine”.

According to the man, he went for a bank loan to invest into the farming, and it was very unfortunate that his bankers are now chasing him for the loan recovery.
“I fear going into jail, things are really difficult for me now. I’m therefore pleading with president to intervene”.

Ohohuo Kwaku further disclosed that the current situation keeps giving him nightmares as he’s been frequently haunted by the bank debt and the level of destruction by the Chinese galamseyers.

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