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Protest erupts as traders ‘fight’ Kejetia Market managers, Sam Pyne

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A group of aggrieved petty traders and store owners at Kumasi City Market has today attacked the Management and KMA Mayor, Hon. Sam Pyne for denying them a space at the market.

These traders were not given a space at Kumasi City Market but was promised to create another place for them in a due course but have struggled to secure suitable spaces for their businesses at the new facility.

They claimed that their colleagues have been selectively offered spaces within the market, leaving them neglected for the past four years since the market’s reopening.

Despite numerous promises from the management, they have yet to receive allocated trading spaces.

They have threatened to resist any attempts to bring new people to the space created within the market unless their fellow traders, who had already been granted spaces, were also evicted or the new space created will be given to them.

“City authorities had to deploy securities to harass us any time we start selling. We will rein curses on them if they continue to harras us,”one of traders lamented.

The Kumasi City Market Limited currently manages the facility has not commented on the ongoing situation.

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